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How you can help

Invest through Prayer: Prayer is the greatest investment in the SOAP project that one could make. Nothing could be accomplished at SOAP without faithful Prayer Partners interceding to God on behalf of individual children and the SOAP ministry as a whole.

Although many do choose to support the ministry on a monthly basis, all that is asked of the Prayer Partner is to pray regularly for the children. Please use the email address on the Contact SOAP page to inquire how you can pray for our children at SOAP. If you would like more information with suggestions to help you pray specifically for the children at SOAP, please submit your request on our Contact page.

Invest Financially: Our prayer is to have a multitude of regular donors to assist SOAP with the monthly expenses we incur in caring for the children. All donations are received into one account, which provides for the needs of all of the children rather than keeping separate accounts for each child. These expenses include, but are not limited to: food, clothing, shoes, bedding, mosquito nets, utilities, Ugandan teacher’s salaries, taxes, school supplies, medical care, clothing, infrastructural, SOAP vehicle repair/maintenance, and many others. To make a one time or recurring online donation, please click the Donate button on this page. For information about other methods of giving, please see available giving options.


The operating expenses involved with SOAP can be quite significant. Please understand that all missionaries are self-funded and that they utilize no funds whatsoever from SOAP donations. 


All funds donated to SOAP, via BIMI, are sent monthly to SOAP in Uganda via a bank wire. Approximately 98% of donations received are sent to Uganda and applied directly to our orphan care programs.  Missionaries serving at SOAP are all self-funded.

We believe God has a special love for children. As you help us to share His love for them, we also develop a special love and appreciation for you. So that our financial donors and prayer partners may become more informed of the work God is doing through SOAP, we produce a newsletter, the Orphan Outlook, which may be requested on our Contact page.

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