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The Ministries of SOAP

The Independent Baptist Church (IBC) is the foundation of all our other ministries, which SOAP is also under. IBC is the “hub” church of several other Independent Baptist church-plants in the areas surrounding Soroti and the children attend services three times a week at IBC. Missionary Alan Sutphen is the current pastor, but the plan is for the church to be turned over to an ordained Ugandan national in 2020.

Independent Baptist School (IBS)

Independent Baptist School is where all of our orphans are educated in the first 7 years, P1 – P7, of their primary school years. After completing P7 our children continue on to academic or vocational paths of education and are still supported by SOAP. 

Visitation Ministry

Every Saturday all of the children participate in town and village-wide evangelization.The younger children assist in the distribution of tracts and the older children have been discipled in the ministry sharing of the Gospel and leading others to Christ. All children are taken out to town and villages with an experienced soul winner to exercise the Great Commission. Mark 16:15.

Medical Ministry

Alan Sutphen is a licensed Physician Assistant and besides caring for the orphans’ medical needs, he organizes monthly mobile medical clinics in the villages in the vicinity of existing church plants. We take at least two different orphans with us each time to assist in the clinic for translating and registration of patients, and teaching them to serve others with physical and spiritual needs. Our chief goal, as always, is to present the Gospel to every patient we see, and we thank the Lord that we have seen many professions of faith during these clinics. Luke 9:2

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